Kathy Stafford


Kathy Stafford    – Violin (fiddle)

Kathy’s first instrument was a toy piano that she started playing by ear when she was 3 years old. She started taking Violin lessons when she was 9, and learned how to read music. She soon progressed to playing in the All City Orchestra as well as singing in the All City Choir. The gift of music was courtesy of her maternal great grandparents who both played at the local grange dances.

Kathy picked up the cello in Junior high and also played Timpani and Glockenspiel in the school band.

After high school, Kathy focused on her career and family, learning to play guitar as a hobby. Now that her four sons are grown, she has found the time to reacquaint herself with the long neglected Violin, has started playing by ear again and learning how to “fiddle”.

In addition to the musical contribution to the band, Kathy created and maintains the web site for the band and is co-founder of The Crossfire Band with Lynn Stafford.

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