Lynn Stafford



Lynn Stafford – Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitar and Vocals

Lynn Stafford’s musical career was launched in 1960 in the San Francisco Bay Area around the tender age of 13. He started taking guitar lessons and soon learned that he enjoyed improvising, rather than reading music. He later found another teacher that was willing to teach him to play by ear and improvise. This teacher had his own rock band and was a real inspiration, as this was the exact direction Lynn was also headed. Lynn played electric guitar and sang with several bands throughout high school and college. 

Lynn didn’t play music during the mid to late 70’s because he was concentrating on developing a career outside of the music business. 

During the early 80’s after moving to the Portland, Oregon area, Lynn developed a real liking for country music and once he happened to watch and listen to someone playing a pedal steel guitar, he soon began a quest to learn how to play one. Lynn was fortunate enough to meet Harley James, one of the best steel guitarists in Portland. Harley provided Lynn with private lessons and gave him his start. After about two years of diligent practice, Lynn became good enough to play in a band and started playing in local, part-time country bands. Over the past 25 years he has played in several, right up to the present time, where he is the steel guitarist and leader of Crossfire. 

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